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♥ Speciaru Cutie-cakes ♥

Hey guys (◡‿◡✿), A NEW CONTEST IS COMING SOON (◕‿◕✿), ARE YOU READY FOR IT?!! (ʘ‿ʘ✿) 

14 deviants said YES!!! (LIKE, I WAS WAITING FOR YOUR CONTEST OF THIS YEAR!!) :iconwooowplz::iconcannotevenplz:
10 deviants said well, I don't participate in contests but I like to be a spectator :') Good luck with it!! (thanks for being honest ;v; )
8 deviants said I know I never win anything :iconcraiplz: BUT I'M CURIOUS!!! :iconteyuplz: (You guys, you never know until you try! >8D!!)
4 deviants said WHAT?! :iconkageuwoplz: I DON'T REALLY KNOW BUT WAAH! CURIOSITY!!! :iconjustwhyplz::iconjustwhyplz::iconjustwhyplz:


SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by GasaraSWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara
Currently in love with this two ♥ All this art by: セン

Glass Heart Bullet (Yellow) by GasaraWinged-Heart Bullet by RuelleaSangaku & Sakamichi Winged-Heart Bullet by RuelleaGlass Heart Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara

♥*heart eyes*♥

SWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by GasaraSWEET-ness Heart Divider #4 by Gasara
Talented, [handsome], and cute guys I luv :heart:

Glass Heart Bullet (Yellow) by GasaraWinged-Heart Bullet by RuelleaUe-chan, Hiroki-kun and Ryo-kun Winged-Heart Bullet by RuelleaGlass Heart Bullet (Yellow) by Gasara



stellasplendens whoola! ~ :'D
Mon Jun 29, 2015, 4:12 PM
Mon Jun 29, 2015, 1:45 AM
Si fue un 'Bien' legitimo no te preocupes xD Saludos igualmente for you ~♥
Mon Apr 13, 2015, 4:18 PM
Jamiisol2000 haha ~ espero que así lo haya sído, un 'bien' legítimo ;D Yo? Pues, bien, no me quejo ~ haha, gracias por preguntar -w- en fin, saludos! :heart:
Sat Mar 28, 2015, 4:34 PM
Hola, estuve bien, eso creo :v y tu como has estado Ciomy?
Mon Mar 23, 2015, 5:12 PM
Hola pequeña! ^q^)// :heart: hehe ~ cómo has estado? -w-
Sun Mar 22, 2015, 12:48 PM
Hola :D
Sun Mar 22, 2015, 9:52 AM
Holo ~! no sean tímidos (??? haha :heart:
Fri Mar 20, 2015, 12:34 AM
TnMyFnL-Monce-0810 ~ oh bueno, aunque ahora la cambiť XD pero muchas gracias de todas formas *-* :heart:
Sat Nov 9, 2013, 6:23 PM
denada :heart: ,por cierto ahora tu nueva foto de perdil me sigue encantando :la:
Wed Nov 6, 2013, 3:11 PM


.Draw my OCs!- CONTEST OPEN.

Sun Jul 19, 2015, 2:25 AM
[Last Update: 19/07/2015 - Addition of new prizes]
-To my people de habla hispana ->  .CONCURSO ABIERTO.[Última Actualización - 19/07/2015 - Adición de nuevos premios] 
En primer lugar: Hola chicos! espero que todos lo estén pasando de maravilla en sus vidas! ^v^) //
Segundo y al punto,
Pensé que pasaría una eternidad para finalmente publicar esto, fiuu ~ Me demoré un poco y lo siento  Ai Shindou (Shy and Cute Gesture) [V1]  (..) pero buee ~~
Estoy feliz de realizar un concurso nuevamente este año :'D! Así que, espero que tengan una grata experiencia y bueno, siéntase libre de compartir su talento! :heart: (^q^)//
Al grano, 
:star: revamp Acerca de:
El concurso de este año es algo simple como: "Dibuja mis OCs"! Chiyo Flowers Icon 
-Y sí, también me he dado cuenta que hay mucha gente con el mismo tema para su concurso X'D Pero siendo honesta, realmente quería

First, Hi guys! hope you all are doing well on your lifes! ^v^)// 
Second and to the point,  
I thought it would be an eternity to finally post this, fiuu ~ I lingered a little and I'm sorry Ai Shindou (Shy and Cute Gesture) [V1]  (..) but whatever ~~ 

I'm happy to be able to realize a Contest again this year :'D! So, hope we make this a great time and welp, feel free to share your talents in here! :heart: (^q^)//

Now, to the real point, 

:star: revamp About: 

The Contest of this year is simply: "Draw my OCs"! Chiyo Flowers Icon 
-Yeah, I noticed too, there's lot of people with the same theme for their contest X'D But to be honest I really want something simple and not complicated at all for this year, haha.
So I hope this 'theme' give you all more freedom to your own ideas and let your imagination fly!   

:star: revamp  General rules Chiyo Looks Icon

-Original artworks only. Each of your entries for the contest must be self-created, and only from you own creation. In other words, no copy, no plagia.
-No artwork will be allowed against the rules and policies from DeviantART.
-Works that reflect hatred, offense, or any other factor of annoyance and discomfort to the general public will be not accepted. As also missing the same respect to the respectives OCs-characters. 
-For this year there's this change that multiple entries are allowed. But! Have in mind that you can't be a multiple winner X'D (if happens) [I mean, let everyone have a chance!! X'D]. 
- Collaborations between artists are allowed, but have in clear now that 'one prize' will be given to both (or whatever participants are on your group) . I mean, if you won, the prize would 'refunded' to 'the group' and they will decide how they manage the sharing of it.
-Any format for drawings are allowed. (digital, animation, traditional, other I don't know? etc... )
-Any 'style' is allowed. (your own, anime, manga, cartoon,  chibi, whatever! I mean, who don't freaking love variety?! Seo Happy Flower Icon !) 

:star: revamp Specific rules

-You must draw at least one of my OCs (Original Characters). 
-yah, they can be drawn with other characters.   (but pls, don't draw Xadezz or any "PnF second generation" related material. I plead you). If you don't know what is it,  ignore this and keep reading (^u^) ~
-Nothing too obscene/adult in here (like, they are my little children please don't :iconleeblushplz: )
-You are free to draw them in any gender, age, universe (guess who is the fan of AUs here lol), etc.
I appreciate, though, that you maintain them in their majority with their human aspect.
-It's on your hands any other 'issues' as clothes, poses, canvas size, fullbody or not, etc etc etc.  

:star: revamp Deadline 

August 31, 2015. (last monday of August) -it feels like enough time I guess (? If someone have an objection please let me known. 

Preferably in "CLT - Chile Standard Time" (UTC -3:00), but I'm REALLY flexible about this, so no worries ~ Chiyo Flustered Icon 

Star Bullet (Yellow) - F2U! "OCs" INFO:Star Bullet (Yellow) - F2U! 

.OCs + + Contest OPEN + by Ciomy

*About references: 

First, I'm truly sorry for don't have specific characters sheets (I'm lazy to do them because so much OCs - that's why I just draw random bunch of drawings of them ;_; )
However, you can find all my OCs on this gallery-folder ->…  

Oh! Another thing, not a rule to draw "them", but since I'm like their godmother (and I love them), and because you will find them on the folder because this OCs are canon friends of my own OCs. You can include characters of Hatefold (as Carl, Carol, Andrew, etc.). Oc's of Hiburu-chan (Hope, Zackie, etc..) geraldCullenBlack' OC (Gwen: Lilian BF).

*Additional Info- as personality, random-facts, etc. 

[I know people want this for years :iconkageuwoplz: I feel it X'D ]
Whatever. I will share with you an extract of them ~ (*warning less spoiler?*) Feel free to read:


And now, to the part everyone wants to know about, the prizes! But first, let me say ... who knows if there's more surprises on here. (or not?)
Of course as always, I want to have mysterious and watch how is the flow of the contest to see if I can unlock rewards (...) 
haha, anyways.  

:star: revamp Prizes :star: revamp 

1st place 
Right Mood Icon by Gasara400 DA points 
(-equivalent to 1 month of premium membership DA-)
Right Mood Icon by GasaraRequest by Ciomy of: 1 "Philosopher Drawing" or Full-Illustration [lol] (Full Color- Full Shading. Full Edition /*).
+ 1 doodle (quick drawing with color**).   
Right Mood Icon by Gasara 1Chibi couple + 1 Chibi Cute by ZounDNoiZe

2nd place 
Right Mood Icon by Gasara150 DA points 
Right Mood Icon by GasaraRequest by Ciomy of: 1 "Basic Drawing" style 2 (Color with base shading /*). 
+ 1 doodle (quick drawing with color**).
Right Mood Icon by Gasara 1 Chibi Little Cute by ZounDNoiZe

3rd place 
Right Mood Icon by Gasara80 DA points 
Right Mood Icon by GasaraRequest by Ciomy of: 1 "Basic Drawing" style 1 (just base color /*).
+ 1 doodle (quick drawing with color**). 
Right Mood Icon by Gasara 1 drawing AT My Style + Headshot Sketch by ZounDNoiZe

:iconteyuplz: Anyone willing to collaborate with any prizes for the contest, will be very welcomed with open arms ;v; )  Thank you very much in advance. :heart:

[/* = Quantify of characters allowed per prizes varies. Generally to max.3 chara for 1st Place to max.1 chara to the 3rd place. 
** doodles can be on traditional+digitally painting of fully digital. ]

:star: revamp How to enter the contest?:star: revamp 

"You should watch me!" pfff haha, joking joking guys Akihito Kanbara (Please Calm Down) [V1] ~ you're free to whatever follow or not :v
"Share this Journal!" again HAHA no worries guys, joking :v ~ However, if you spread the voice - journal of the contest, that'll be great! :') ++ Kudos for you!!Onew (SHINee)  

Now for real,

To participate you should create your original piece and when you already finished it, then submit it and report your entry to me -> :iconciomy: sending link through a note (private message) on DA.
This will be saved in a favorites folder and stash-folder with the same name of the competition. 
If person don't want to actually submit to DA (who knows!) Then send to-> c:

Concerns, complaints and / or suggestions, please send it through this journal or Deviantart-note.

Thanks for read and ... have fun! Let me Hug You Boy 

Skin by SimplySilent


(◡‿◡✿) (◕‿◕✿) (ʘ‿ʘ✿)
[[ I love YOWAPEDA so much :heart:!!!
take some random dorks haha ~ <3 <3 ]]
Yowamushi pedal stamp by sasunaru02fanYowamushi Pedal Grande Road Stamp by Chlpper

♥ Thanks for visit ♥

~Status ~




Jul 31, 2015
11:29 am
Jul 31, 2015
10:49 am
Jul 31, 2015
10:39 am
Jul 31, 2015
9:02 am
Jul 31, 2015
7:05 am


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:juggle: Welcome to the ShareAnime group, ciomy! :wave:                      


We thank you for joining our group! Hope you have a lovely time being a part of our group and experience no issues whatsoever!


:bulletpink: Submissions are unlimited! Spam us with your art! We also host small point giveaways, so keep out a good eye for those!


:bulletblue: If you have any suggestions for events, or on how we can improve, please leave a comment on the group page/note us! 


:shrug: If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask! Admins are always online and happily to answer all your questions!

*Contact either Balkoko or TabbyCat0066!


Most importantly, have fun!



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Xiomy by CrispySketch  ♥
(I uploaded it onto my sketch account ;v; because I haven't updated there for a bit lol)
I hope you like it buddyyyy!
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Thanks for the fave :D
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and feel free to check out my contest
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Hola :meow:

Siento las molestias, venía a decir que estoy haciendo una Rifa, por si le interesa <(0v0)> es fácil de participar y los premios están bien:

Gracias por tu tiempo, un saludo :heart:
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